The Diet Plate - Food Portion Control for Natural Weight Loss


The Diet Plate is the ultimate weight management and portion control tool, providing a visual medium for effective food portion and calorie control to help achieve healthy and nutritional weight loss. The Diet Plate is available in a variety of packs, including the Breakfast Bowl, Male & Female specific Diet Plates, Family Packs and Children Packs, making the Plate a suitable tool for anyone interested in no-gimmick, natural weight loss, including those on a diabetes diet.

Browse through the Diet Plate Australia website for fun and healthy recipes specifically suited for the Diet Plate, along with detailed instructions on how to use your Diet Plate, testimonials from people that have used the Diet Plate and much more.

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There are many benefits to introducing The Diet Plate into your day to day meal times... Read More

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My weight problem didn't exactly begin overnight – after my children were born around 30 years ago, the baby weight just never disappeared! Read More
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Dr Campbell talks about The Diet Plate on Channel 10 National News

The History Of The Diet Plate

Kay Illingworth invented The Diet Plate® in 1995 - the world's first portion control plate. Keeping the concept secret until the idea was safe was difficult, but a year later it was awarded design registration, trademark and copyright security.

From 1996-97, under confidentiality agreements, Kay showed the portion control plate around the potteries in Stoke-on-Trent, beginning with Wedgwood. Kay soon realised that she had approached the very top of the China market, when really the portion control plate needed to be made of fine earthenware so that it would be more robust for everyday use.

The Sales Director of Wedgwood thought that the concept was amazing and referred it to Johnson & Johnson, whose lines were fully booked for the following two years. However, not giving up, Kay took the product to Staffordshire Potteries in Stoke-on-Trent, who were more than willing to take it further. Read More